Trading stocks-DAX market

Trading stocks-DAX market


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Updated: 02.06.2018


For some or even most people, the trading stock is too big a risk. The phrase is true if the method of trading is not appropriate, buy and sell too hurried, so the potential benefits to be achieved to be small or even lost altogether.
Trading on the stock market needs special skills. These skills can be trained, speed of decision making is needed, but not by looking at price movements.

This is the latest trading method, trading without looking at stock price movements.
Which need to be noticed only the graph form the buy order

Traders only need to learn the shape of the chart pattern, especially the buying order graph. At the moment the indicator has touched the target, the trader must immediately take the decision to buy.

Traders no longer need to monitor stock price movements, just focus on the form of the graph.

Rules :
1. When Indicator touch target, Trader should be ready making decision buy or sell,
2. The trader should be more patient to wait for the best momentum to buy,
3. Repeat order buys when happening again.

Good Luck

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