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Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

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Most Christians believe that Jesus, whilst alive amongst us as a fellow human being over 2000 years ago, was God incarnate, i.e. Jesus was, and still is for that matter, God.
Because of God's love for us, Jesus decided himself as a living sacrifice, the Lamb of God, to pay for mankind's transgressions (sins). By his own death by crucifixion on the cross, Jesus thus justifies our sins. As a result, faithful Christians can be assured of eternal life through the grace of God. (Note this explanation uses the basic biblical jargon that has been used for over 2,000 years.)

Jesus felt the pain of pre-execution of torture and humiliation at the hands of the kidnappers, and then he experienced physical exhaustion when forced to lead his own cross a lot of path to the place of its execution. He felt his nails go through his body. Once on the cross, he felt the agony of losing his ability to breathe freely - as a result he experienced a slow and tormenting death that he knew.

In plain English, the average Christian thinks that Jesus died in this way for them, and he paid his physical death on the cross for all the sins that they have or may still commit. In fact, the cost of all our sins accumulated throughout our lives, i.e., which normally means the penalty of permanent death, is brushed aside by the sacrifice of Jesus for us.

It is also believed that the "resurrection" of the new life and the "Ascension" in heaven by Jesus, after his death "on the cross", shows the most positive victory over the death offered to us.

Now the term "Jesus as our Lord and Savior" is a common term and therefore deserves to be explained here, although this is again some of the beliefs already explained.

Christianity lock screen app features:
✞ great religious HD wallpapers
✞ good reminder, that Jesus is there and loves you
✞ security lock screen
✞ optional password for great security
✞ random HD wallpaper to lock screen
✞ slide to unlock phone
✞ displays battery level
✞ fast access to flashlight and volume control
✞ show date and time
✞ low battery consumption

This screen locker app will ask for the permission to allow access to the screen on top of other applications
and to access rights to system settings. On the backgrounds you will see current date and time displayed.
The current battery level and percentage status is also shown. During an incoming call the lock will disappear
to speed up the reception. However, the call will be unblocked again and displays the counter of missed phone calls.

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