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Dungeon Dice - Android Wear

Dungeon Dice - Android Wear


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Forget your dice ? Use your smartwatch to roll all kinds of dice for any game!

Developer: Two Coins Ent

Version: 1.2

Installs: 100+

Updated: 09.02.2016


Use your smartwatch as the next dice roller!. Forget popping out your phone and forget apps limited to just a six sided dice. Get all the dungeon dice from D4 to D20 using our app and use simple gestures to roll those dice!
Simply install it on your phone and Dice Application will appear in your Android Wear list !

Three simple controls :
-Tap and hold on a dice to roll it!
-Swipe up and down to change dice!
-Change the background by double tapping on the ball to the right !

D4,D6,D8,D10,D12 and D20 are all available !

If you ever forget a single die or entire set of dice to a game, this is the ultimate companion to have!

If you run into issues or have any recommendations to expand the app please let us know!

2 Reviews for Dungeon Dice - Android Wear

Jackie Stewart avatar
Jackie Stewart

Apparently, this won't work for the Samsung gear s2. Google wouldn't give me my money back, even though I requested within the time limit. I tried to contact the developer through facebook and twitter, but never got a response. I really wanted this to work. Oh, well.

January 1, 2018

Richard Correia avatar
Richard Correia

Looks like what I need but...

Looks like what I need but... It looks like the dice app I was looking for, any way there can be support for the Sony smart watch 2? I downloaded and redownloaded many times but it doesn't show on my smartwatch.

August 30, 2016