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Browse, borrow, and read free library e-books, from bestsellers to classics.

Developer: New York Public Library

Version: Varies with device

Installs: 50,000+

Updated: 17.04.2019


SimplyE makes it easy to browse, borrow, and read any eBook in your library’s collection on your mobile device; no need to download multiple apps.

Set up your account in three easy steps:
1. Open the SimplyE app
2. Find your local library
3. Enter your library card ID to browse, borrow, and read!

Don’t have a library card? No problem. Thousands of public domain classics are available as soon as you download the app, no library card required.

SimplyE was created by a partnership of libraries and library consortia across the country, with The New York Public Library currently serving as lead partner. Check with your local library to find out if it offers SimplyE, or download the app now to get started reading from the SimplyE Collection.

3197 Reviews for SimplyE

Evelena Johnson avatar
Evelena Johnson

Was working now it doesn't needs updating

April 28, 2019

Milton Mangal avatar
Milton Mangal

great service

April 23, 2019

Nicole Bonfield avatar
Nicole Bonfield

I can't download books anymore

April 19, 2019

Michelle Batiste avatar
Michelle Batiste

the app was working but now books cant be downloaded

April 18, 2019

A Google User avatar
A Google User

The pro part is that the books are free, however the app reacts sooo slowly, and almost all the books I want to see can't be found. Disappointing

March 15, 2019

A Google User avatar
A Google User

this app is great I can read so many books on it.

March 12, 2019

Alex Payne avatar
Alex Payne

Absolutely awful. Broken to the point of unusability. I think this might be the only one star review I've ever given, and this app deserves it.

March 9, 2019

Naili Ortez avatar
Naili Ortez

Horrible app. Cant even download the books, what's the point of a library app if you cant download the book and read it.

March 2, 2019

Laura Musich avatar
Laura Musich

i get no alerts when my reservation becomes available. books just disappear from my queue with no notice. not useful.

February 25, 2019

Michael Mckenna-Mattiaccio avatar
Michael Mckenna-Mattiaccio

The only Pro for this app is that the content is free. Everything else is a Con. The app never remembers where you are in an audiobook so I have to take a screenshot everytime I pause. The app frequently crashes and then I dont have a screenshot and have to gueas when to restart. Cannot restrict downloading to WiFi only so you may use up valuable mobile data. Headphones buttons do not work with the app to pause or skip, unlike most other apps. No widget.

February 13, 2019