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StoryFire - Read, Write, and Create stories together — for FREE.

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Updated: 18.05.2019


StoryFire - Group Storytelling

Read, Write, and Create stories together — for FREE. Gather round the StoryFire!

StoryFire is the community where you create and read stories for FREE. Build an audience with SUBSCRIBERS. Meet new storytellers commenting and chatting. Or just read awesome stories created by members of our creative community.

Write a solo story if you want to write on your own. Build a group story with other writers. Or get invited to play a game story where that last storyteller standing wins! Each week StoryFire picks one new story as the StoryFire Contest Winner — if you win, you are granted the Contest Winner Badge.

StoryFire is the place where you get hooked on Storytelling!

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4008 Reviews for StoryFire

checker dayz avatar
checker dayz

This is basicly a better version of YouTube but wish they made the adds more easy to skip only downside

April 29, 2019

Allen Burrows avatar
Allen Burrows


April 29, 2019

Jean-Baptiste Fevrier avatar
Jean-Baptiste Fevrier

really cool app

April 29, 2019

Melanie Evans avatar
Melanie Evans

the only reason i downloaded the app was because of kidbehindthecamera i dont like the app its hard to get into then when you do it messes up

April 29, 2019

Jamie Floyd avatar
Jamie Floyd

This is still just an app that takes up space. The website is not yet capable of playing videos. there os the difference. Youtube started out as a website and then when smartphones became available an app was created. I don't watch My videos on a tiny screen. Go big or go home!

April 29, 2019

William Gardner avatar
William Gardner

i like this be cool if you could go live

April 29, 2019

Cody Rose avatar
Cody Rose

best, better, then YouTube

April 29, 2019

Skeeter13 avatar


April 29, 2019

banana daily avatar
banana daily

cant even play the videos on my phone

April 29, 2019

Elaine Johnson avatar
Elaine Johnson

I want to block this number yes I don't want to get a call from this number

April 29, 2019