Graph Cut

Graph Cut


4.5 4.5 scores

Cut lines - don't cut graphs...

Developer: LiMiDyFy

Version: 1.1.0

Installs: 1+

Updated: 27.04.2019


Graph Cut is a challenging geometric game that makes you move your fingers. You have to build unique geometric shapes. But these figures will be unusual - they will change.

You are sure that it is very difficult to surprise, amaze, and in general you are unshakable. There is bad news - you just haven't tried to turn a 3-dimensional cube into a 6-dimensional hexeract.

A graph is a point that moves. It is connected with other graphs, and here is a surprise - they also move. Graphs move in all 3 directions and are able to strain both fingers and reflexes.

The main rule is simple: cut lines - don't cut graphs. If you cut a graph, the game will end and you will have to build giant tesseracts anew.

You see, Graph Cut is not hard to play. But if you want to achieve maximum skill, you will need all the best that is in you. After all, for the amazing victories, you need the best reaction and patience.

What Graph Cut offers you:
- simple but exciting game mechanics
- spectacular dynamic figure
- real mechanical 3-dimensional space
- 20 beautiful color themes

Developers have a better score of 186. You can do better.
But remember: skill comes with experience!

Be sure to contact us if you encounter any problem in the game or want to share your opinion. We will be very grateful to you.

Regards, LiMiDyFy Games

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