Nice Bowling Demo

Nice Bowling Demo


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Free demo of Nice Bowling, an unfair bowling game! 🎳💣🐟

Developer: Lost Dutchman Software

Version: 1.2

Installs: 100+

Updated: 11.05.2019


Nice Bowling is an unfair bowling game modeled after the late 80's, early 90's obsession with chrome and neon, Nice Bowling's unique look and retrowave/chillwave soundtrack will really bring you back. Random events can trigger on any frame of play to a huge variety of outcomes- good luck bowling with a beach ball, a jelly blob, or a bouncy ball. Sometimes fish rain from the sky and block the lane. Sometimes there will be obstacles or ramps in your path.

Finally you can blame the game when you lose and not be a sore loser! 😡

Play a few frames to get an idea of what Nice Bowling is like. The demo does not have multiplayer and will not let you complete and entire game. There are no ads. The last frame is a joke and not representative of the complete game. I hope you have fun, you can play the demo as many times as you want since there is no limit built in.

Get the 💸paid💸 versions here:

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1 Reviews for Nice Bowling Demo

Marcus Gilbert avatar
Marcus Gilbert

Just not very good. The control system is clunky, graphics incredibly un-polished and it seems to be more luck than skill that determines where the ball goes.

April 27, 2019