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3.0 3 scores

Can you beat the enemy?

Developer: Vera Sheyn

Version: 0.1

Installs: 10+

Updated: 02.04.2019


Игра наподобие воздушного хоккея, вот только перед вами очень сильный противник, которого почти невозможно победить ! Думаешь, что у тебя получится ? Решать тебе !

3 Reviews for Baler

Alesandro Cruz avatar
Alesandro Cruz

Never heard or seen this app. I made no such purchase. Thanks for the refund.

April 15, 2019

Darkiplier avatar

its a hacker

June 4, 2019

Marcel Mulvihill avatar
Marcel Mulvihill

I did NOT buy this app!! I have never seen this app before. When it was charged to my account l didnt even receive an email receipt so i didnt know about the purchase right away and couldn't do an app refund! I tried emailing the app creator and they have not responded. With no reply from them and looking at their other apps with extremely high prices i have reason to believe they have something to do with all this. BEWARE!! This seller needs to be banned from Google Play!

May 18, 2019