Gang Comedy Beasts Simulator

Gang Comedy Beasts Simulator


4.3 4.29 scores

Fight against comedy gang and enjoy funny beasts wrestling .

Developer: Hussain Barakat

Version: 1.0

Installs: 100+

Updated: 04.04.2019


Gang Comedy Beasts Simulator is a Wrestling Funny game .Fight other wrestlers and try to win in the fight by destroy the other wrestlers power or by throw them out of the ring .
The Characters in the game are Funny and comedy , The Wrestlers has a fighting skills and will fight against others one by one or against multiple Al opponent in the funny environment.  There are multiple wrestlers you can choose from yellow , blue , red ، Purple and green. And some of them will wearing mask and other wrestlers dress . so we hope for all of the players to have a nice time with this game .

There are two modes in the game , in the league mode the player will fight in one by one wrestling funny match , and in the tournament mode there are levels so the player will fight against multiple beast wrestlers at the same time , and after complete each levels the numbers of wrestlers will increase for more challenge to the players .

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fox dice Moore

is ok

April 12, 2019