New York Mysteries 2 (Full)

New York Mysteries 2 (Full)


4.6 4.65 scores

The mysterious tale of a dangerous criminal surrounded by lightning!

Developer: FIVE-BN GAMES

Version: 1.1.5

Installs: 5,000+

Updated: 22.05.2018


Fearless journalist Laura is again brought in to investigate strange murders taking place in New York. Immerse yourself in an exciting crime story and solve the mystery of a dangerous criminal surrounded by lightning!

New York Mysteries: High Voltage - an adventurous hidden object game-quest with puzzles and mini-games that tells about mysterious events that took place in the 50s, New York.

New York City, sometime in the 1950s. A wave of mysterious murders has swept through the city. At each crime scene, only a pile of ash remains. Witnesses claim to have seen a ball of lightning. Could a human being be capable of such a thing? Who is behind the cryptic killings? Are they connected with a strange incident which took place during an execution at the Sing Sing penitentiary? The police are unable to answer any of these questions... and so the White Stone Order takes the reins. Fearless journalist Laura is again brought in to investigate murders nobody can explain!
Immerse yourself in an exciting crime story and visit uncharted locations from 1950s New York!

Game features:
• Explore over 50 stunning locations
• Complete over 40 different mini-games
• Challenge yourself with interactive hidden object scenes
• Assemble collections, gather morphing objects, and gain achievements
• The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

Solve dozens of puzzles and learn more about the White Stone Order!
Create the one of a kind mechanism and stop the vicious criminal!
Meet the variety of characters, they won't leave you indifferent!
Look at things in a new light in the Bonus chapter!
Visit the numerous uncharted locations in New York of the 50s!

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2931 Reviews for New York Mysteries 2 (Full)

Claudia Winhold avatar
Claudia Winhold

it's a great game to play, I really enjoy solving the tasks it gives.. I rally recommended for whoever wants to challenge themselves😀

April 22, 2019

michael swank avatar
michael swank

a lot of mystery, just how I like my games

April 14, 2019

marie kennedy avatar
marie kennedy

Great game

March 30, 2019

Lee Wolf avatar
Lee Wolf

i really enjoy the game

February 24, 2019

A Google User avatar
A Google User

Got game on special offer. Really like the puzzles

February 17, 2019

Shafiq Billu avatar
Shafiq Billu

well game 70% marks

January 8, 2019

Suzanne Springall avatar
Suzanne Springall

Good graphics a lot of back and forward but a good game and story line

October 5, 2018

Tom Spector avatar
Tom Spector

This is an excellent game, just like most from this developer. It's quite long, quite challenging, and enjoyable. However, I must make a comment on the pricing changes recently for these games. The full price of $7 is just too much. I am disabled and I pass the time by playing lots of games like this and the value just isn't there to pay full price. So what I'm doing now is buying the games when they're on sale and not installing them until I'm ready to play. Unfortunately it appears that you don't put all your games on sale because I'm running out of games on sale to find. Please consider putting all your games on sale in a cycle so that a patient person like me can eventually find every game on sale price.

August 30, 2018

Reply :
Hi Tom! As a rule, every time we make a sale, we put different games on sale. The only exception are the newest games. But we’ll consider your advice about putting games on sale in a cycle. Thank you for this idea! Please follow us on Facebook and stay updated on our news:
September 4, 2018
April Boyd avatar
April Boyd

Love HOG games

August 24, 2018

A Google User avatar
A Google User

The best mystery game out there

August 19, 2018