King Boom - Pirate Island Adventure

King Boom - Pirate Island Adventure


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Set sail and conquer every island in the sky in this bootyful pirate adventure!

Developer: Tapps Games

Version: 2.1.1

Installs: 500,000+

Updated: 23.11.2018


Avast me hearties! Do ye have what it takes to become the richest Pirate King or Pirate Queen in the seven skies? 🐷👑

Then call on yer Mateys! Come join in on the greatest, GRANDEST adventure of Luck, Loot and Loaded Cannons!

Welcome to King Boom!

What are ye waiting for, Cap’n? Spin yer Wheel o Fortune! Every spin earns you coins. With a little luck on yer side, you’ll be hitting big wins and collecting jackpots in no time! Double down your bet and double up the prize!

SHIVER ME TIMBERS!! Yer Wheel can spin you much more than just gold! Land on a cannon to attack other players (or even your own mateys!). Land on a Steal to Raid other pirate’s Islands to Plunder their Coin! Ye best not be forgettin to collect yer shields, cap’n! Wouldn’t want the other pirates makin shark bait out of ye!

What fun is a Pirate without their very own Treasure Island? Use yer coins to build houses, statues, and more. Complete the whole village to Conquer the Island and expand yer empire! Discover the secret treasures of each Island – from the classic Skull Island, to the gorgeous Gardenland, the wild Bandito town, or even the delicious Sugar Hills!

YO-HO-HO, those Treasure Islands be full of Treasure CHESTS! Ain`t that a surprise! Use yer keys to open them up to win exciting prizes! Find Powerups to boost yer cannons, get extra spins, or even PERMANENTLY upgrade yer Wheel! Keep those gold coins flowing by enlisting the help of industrious beavers to mine gold out of the Islands you already conquered. A smart pirate is a rich pirate!

Lets not be forgetting Piggy the pig, Eggbert the duck, or the rest of yer Crew! Unlock a funny cast of characters and take them along for the adventure! Each Pet gives you Missions to complete for even more rewards. Level up your pets and evolve their Mission rewards!

★ Play online with Facebook friends and other players!
★ Gorgeous Graphics! Funny Pets, Characters, and Animations!
★ Attack and Steal from other players to make even more gold!
★ Find and Open magical Treasure Chests to win amazing prizes!
★ Unlock and evolve Pets to help you on your adventure!
★ Take revenge on rivals and help your friends with gifts!
★ Hire workers to earn you coins while you’re away!
★ Master the Strategy to protect your Island and Gold from other players!
★ Compete on the Leaderboards for world fame!
★ Simple yet addictive gameplay! Play anywhere, anytime!
★ King Boom is Free on all devices, with In-App Purchases.

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The only people that work harder than us are those dang beavers! Argh!!

3559 Reviews for King Boom - Pirate Island Adventure

Nina Newton avatar
Nina Newton

When ever I win a steal or a bomb, I do not get the points. You need to fix it. It also seems to land on the same points when you spin. Plus it locks up and I have to start all over.

April 26, 2019

Koadie Thompson avatar
Koadie Thompson


April 25, 2019

Margaret Platten avatar
Margaret Platten

ok but not getting money on steel first one this morning?

April 25, 2019

Effie Powell avatar
Effie Powell

when are you going to upgrade, been almost a year

April 25, 2019

CarrieAnn Litschgi avatar
CarrieAnn Litschgi

Love game but cant connect w FB. Need to offer more keys.

April 25, 2019

ralph maxwell avatar
ralph maxwell

game play lil slow but it kills time like building have to wait till its done n staars go up to the top then can build again but it ok

April 25, 2019

Antoinette Hansen avatar
Antoinette Hansen

very addicting

April 25, 2019

Jeanna. Louise Huston-Kelly avatar
Jeanna. Louise Huston-Kelly

love it

April 25, 2019

Casey Corpuz avatar
Casey Corpuz

love this game!

April 25, 2019

Michael Thompson avatar
Michael Thompson


April 25, 2019