Magical Passcode 1111

Magical Passcode 1111

Role Playing

4.4 4.42 scores

Raise your spirits and prepare to explode<br>with this magical RPG on the go!

Developer: HEXADRIVE Inc.

Version: 1.2.0

Installs: 10,000+

Updated: 12.12.2018



There was once a great war between humans and
magicians, which ended when every last magician

Or so the stories claimed...

Spellenya, a talented young man and grandson of
a great magician, has set out to track down his
missing master. And in order to succeed, he'll
have to gather the mystical beings known as
the Magi!

In this second tale to come from the Ficustone
Project, Spellenya, the "world's last magician"
will have to work together with a group of
strange little Magi who take up residence in
his consciousness. Sometimes playful, sometimes
heart-rending, the adventure is always exciting
in this beautiful RPG of magic personified.

[Until the End]
You can essentially play the game all the way
through and witness the mysterious, surprising
ending in this smartphone RPG. (*The game also
includes in-game advertisements and optional

[Affection System]
The closer you and your Magi become, the stronger
they'll grow. But if you keep your distance,
they'll remain forever powerless. Improve their
affection by giving them presents or catering to
their desires.

[Magic-Only Battle]
Channel your spirit to win the day! Do you attack
with weak, fast magic or slow, strong spells?
Timing your spells and managing your MP is the
key to victory!


[System Requirements]
- Android 4.1 or higher

©2017 HEXADRIVE Inc.

1004 Reviews for Magical Passcode 1111

ruby sunpaw Lieder avatar
ruby sunpaw Lieder

This game is awesome! This game has awesome art styles and it can be played offline which is a huge bonus. They characters all have unique and interesting personalities as well. I highly recommend getting this game.

April 24, 2019

Jessica Sanders avatar
Jessica Sanders

i absolutely love this game the art style actually drew me in and i makes me interested in the story the characters are all so fantastic and they all get an alternate costume as soon as you unlock them the game is challenging but not to hard. Im so in love with this game i only wish there were alt costumes for Lenya

April 21, 2019

TheMAGICCreativeCreeper YT avatar
TheMAGICCreativeCreeper YT

I love this app ^^ it a game thats mixed with a great story line and its kinda funny at points in my opinion and you also get to battle some and i just love the plot so far ^^

April 20, 2019

Shaikh Reshma avatar
Shaikh Reshma

The game is amazing i hope there will be new stories and new magi and their costumes

April 17, 2019

Danfeng Zhang avatar
Danfeng Zhang

Good graphic but main story is toooooo short that I finished within 5 days and got nothing to do since then. Sad... Pls make some update

April 17, 2019

Jessi TheGhost avatar
Jessi TheGhost

Cute graphics, charming characters, and relaxing music. However, that affection system will screw you over. It punishes you for making a comeback victory because for some reason, your Magi hate it. Since affection is what governs a Magi's strength, you often end up doing piddly damage because you're trying to advance and appease them at the same time. Eventually you're forced into a corner and deplete all your magic, which they hate. I'd say nerf affection, or get rid of it.

April 13, 2019

Minto Mikazuki avatar
Minto Mikazuki

it's so distressingly fun. I mean I get depressed thinking of ways to get the Magis love point up and not down. it's so hard. But it's fun. I get stressed so much and it also awakens my competitive side. like FK this game I'm gonna play this! u challenging me Huh, well okay!! u got me! I mean it's easy to clear a stage. If u want yourself to get weaker. Yup so many RESTRICTIONS. I'm not an M but I enjoy this.

April 13, 2019

Ice God avatar
Ice God

A simple game but very enjoyable for me.

April 7, 2019

mmft fadaii avatar
mmft fadaii

relly good . soo enjoy with playing the game i hope u will like it. i hope our effort worked

April 5, 2019

Stephanie Kek avatar
Stephanie Kek

Good fun game. but after clearing the story and crowning everything, grinding magi to max isnt compelling enough.

April 5, 2019