Slashy Hero

Slashy Hero


4.1 4.15 scores

Hack and slash monsters in a spooky mansion!

Developer: The Gentlebros

Version: 1.0.58

Installs: 500,000+

Updated: 29.01.2016


Hack and slash monsters in a spooky mansion! Slashy Hero must save Halloween by defeating spooky ghosts, possessed tombstones, and evil jack o’lanterns.

Play through 91 action packed dungeons with unique enemy types and crushing bosses. Dash across the screen with a unique drawing movement mechanic, attacking as you go. Checkpoints every three levels let you save your progress and advance through the mansion.

Collect the candy that monsters drop when they die and use it to upgrade your stats. Loot treasure chests throughout the mansion to find costumes that buff your character. Transform into a rainbow cat, alien or cyborg. Combine costumes to become the Frankenwolf with a ray gun! Let your imagination run wild!

Slashy Hero is the Halloween game of the year!

Features include:
91 levels of action-packed mystery
36 awesome costumes
200 time attack levels
Hack n’ dash movement
Secret rooms
Infinite mode with leaderboards

Slashy Hero is free to download. Some items in the game are available for purchase.

2771 Reviews for Slashy Hero

Tetsu Zanko avatar
Tetsu Zanko

Simple and addictive. Singapore has the talent to develop games like this!

April 29, 2019

Tortipole avatar

Awesome game! Hope someday you make a sequel or add to this game!

April 7, 2019

Jorex Leaf avatar
Jorex Leaf

I love it except I can't open the game😭😢😡

March 9, 2019

King Bomber Guy avatar
King Bomber Guy

It's fun and has got a silly story and the controls are very intuitive. Character becomes unresponsive on higher levels and game play slows frequently and I'm going to uninstall the app because of that.

February 7, 2019

Henrike Sprengel avatar
Henrike Sprengel

The game does not even start. other Apps on my medion tablet work just fine.

January 2, 2019

Xavier WestonRios avatar
Xavier WestonRios

can't get in the game:(

December 29, 2018

Tevin Sewell avatar
Tevin Sewell

Update or something

November 22, 2018

A Google User avatar
A Google User

I can't play because when it gets to the gentlebros screen in says it stopped working for me (Android Tablet)

November 19, 2018

Allan Cabana avatar
Allan Cabana

OMG Best game ever :DDDD Super duper good gameplay and graphics and loved it!!!!! :333

November 7, 2018

juan Rivera avatar
juan Rivera

Wish there was more

October 31, 2018