Motor Real Racing : Driving Skills

Motor Real Racing : Driving Skills


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Motor racing, motorcycle racing, rush!

Developer: racingincargame

Version: 1.1.2

Installs: 500,000+

Updated: 11.04.2019


> A variety of cool motorcycles:
The top motorcycles on the market have a cool design that is designed to give you an unprecedented driving experience.
Each motorcycle has its own unique paint spray, and the color of each motorcycle is different;
>Perfect motorcycle reinforcement system:
You can use the game gold coins to upgrade your motorcycle to enhance speed, control system, braking system, nitrogen acceleration and more. The upgraded gold coins will increase gradually, so if you want to get more gold coins upgrades, you will continue to participate in various competitions and earn bounty;
> Rich game mode:
3 game modes: training mode, one-way mode, two-way mode. The training mode has 4 difficulty levels. Each difficulty corresponds to different bounty. After winning the opponent, you can get the bounty. The one-way mode and the two-way mode are endless modes, but the two-way mode has the oncoming vehicle. Will be bigger;
> Easy to use gameplay:
Choose your motorcycle, strengthen the motorcycle's attributes, choose the game mode to enter the game; tilt the screen left or right or click the button to control the motorcycle to move left and right, click the throttle and brake buttons to control the motorcycle to accelerate or decelerate; after completing the thrilling overtaking, you can get a certain amount of nitrogen.

We combine all the excitement, fun and excitement that motorcycles can offer in the hands of motocross racing!

Come join this incredible motorcycle race and you will definitely not let go of your phone!

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shernan ybañez avatar
shernan ybañez


April 30, 2019

Radzi Fiza avatar
Radzi Fiza


April 29, 2019

Jann Wilhelm Yocogco avatar
Jann Wilhelm Yocogco

fake to. puro ads makikita mo walang silbi klasing app. wag nyo i download. peperahan lang kayo

April 29, 2019

Mg Tots avatar
Mg Tots

ayos ah

April 29, 2019

teejay Solomon avatar
teejay Solomon

4 to 5 ads before even getting to play..makes no sense at all..will be more ad watching then actual game play..don't no what the graphics,controls,or gameplay is like because I don't want to watch 5 ads to play each time

April 28, 2019

Joerel Zamora avatar
Joerel Zamora

nice one

April 28, 2019

Rey Lariosa avatar
Rey Lariosa

so great racing bike

April 28, 2019

bhoj raj shrestha avatar
bhoj raj shrestha


April 27, 2019

YamahaPorter avatar

good game but get rid of all the ads everytime you press was a game of ads

April 27, 2019

Malay tanatubay avatar
Malay tanatubay


April 27, 2019